Julia and Peter Sherwood

We are translators of literary fiction as well as film scripts, essays, journalism and academic texts. Between us we cover a range of Central and East European languages – Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak and Russian.


Samko Tále’s Cemetery Book by the Slovak writer Daniela Kapitáňová offers us, in a superb translation by Julia Sherwood, one of the strangest and most compelling voices I have come across in years. Muriel Spark meets Russell Hoban. An astonishing, dark and scabrous novel.
(William Boyd, Guardian Books of the Year, Christmas 2010)

The Finno-Ugrian Vampire clearly will take its place alongside other present renditions of the vampire myth, including the novels of Anne Rice and the most recent Twilight series. Hopefully, readers will find their way to this eminently enjoyable novel, in the highly readable translation of Peter Sherwood.’
(Ottilie Mulzet, Hungarian Literature Online, 19 January 2013)

‘Parthian’s internationalism is to be applauded and encouraged. In The House of the Deaf Man they are publishing a major European novel of ambitious intellectual reach which tackles a significant subject in its tale of the Second World War, its aftermath and the long grey Communist suppression that ensued all as seen from a Slovak (and hidden Jewish) perspective. […] The English translation itself (by the Sherwoods) is of the highest calibre.’
(Welsh Book Council)

Lullaby for a Hanged Man is a truly beautiful book about love, friendship, longing, dreams and madness.  And Julia and Peter Sherwood’s English translation perfectly captures the melody and beauty of the Polish original.’  (Anna Blasiak, European Literature Network)

 Bizarre, intense and passionate, In the Name Of The Father reads beautifully, in spite of the bleak, banal and lonely life of the protagonist.’ (Rosie Goldsmith, European Literature Network)