Current Projects

Seeking a publisher

Jaroslava BlažkováNylon Moon (Nylonový mesiac). A novella written in 1961, “A of growing up in the 1960s, a time when the 20th century was also growing up and rebelling,  The Nylon Moon highlights the absurdity of conservative, petty bourgeois conventions and expectations” (Aňa Ostrihoňová). More information on Literary Hub, extract available.

Aleksander KaczorowskiHrabal. A Sweet Apocalypse. The writer’s biography (translated from the Polish), extract available.

Agneša Kalinová in conversation with Jana Juráňová: My Seven Lives (Mojich 7 životov), a memoir (translated from the Slovak), excerpts available.  More information on the book in the essay in Visegrad Insight 8/15.

Ján Rozner Seven Days to the Funeral (Sedem dní do pohrebu), an autobiographical novel (translated from the Slovak), excerpts available.