Daniela Kapitáňová

Daniela Kapitáňová (with Samko Tále)

Samko Tale

Daniela Kapitáňová is a Slovak writer and broadcaster. Born in Komárno, she studied theatre directing at the Film Academy of Dramatic Arts in Prague. She currently works for the Slovak State Radio and lives in Bratislava, writing regular satirical columns for several daily newspapers. Since its first publication in 2000, her debut Samko Tále: Kniha o cintoríne (Samko Tále’s Cemetery Book) has gone into five editions in Slovakia (2000, 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2013), and has been translated into thirteen languages. She has also published two parodies of classic detective stories, Nech to zostane v rodine! (It Stays in the Family, 2005) and Vražda v Slopnej (The Murder in Slopná, 2008).

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