Krisztina Tóth

Krisztina Tóth is one of Hungary’s best known and most popular writers, and has received numerous prizes and awards for her work. Born in 1967, she studied sculpture and spent two of her university years in Paris. She lives in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, where she translates French poetry and teaches creative writing. She has published ten collections of poetry and six volumes of prose; her novel Akvárium/Aquarium was shortlisted for the prestigious Internationaler Literaturpreis of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in 2015. Her work has been translated into more than ten languages: her novels and short stories are available in German, French, Polish, Finnish, Swedish and Spanish, for example, and an English translation of her novel Pixel is due in 2017; her keenly anticipated new volume of poems Világadapter/Universal Adapter appeared in May 2016.

“All the Countries of the World”, poem (translated from the Hungarian “A világ minden országa” by Peter Sherwood) in The Guardian and Asymptote blog, 7 June 2016.

Two other poems by Krisztina Tóth in Peter Sherwood’s translation are available online on Babelmatrix:

Dreammill (Álommalom)

A mother’s list (Anyai lista)